Thursday, December 31, 2009


The Spastic Colons had a great 2009!
Here is a look back...

The Steelers won their 6th Superbowl!!!

The kids had a blast skiing almost every weekend that the weather conditions cooperated!

But warm weather came quickly!

And that means the shore...

Sand castles?

Look who came to the shore in 2009!

Joyce, Jane, Sonia, and Dan
Kenny, Tommy, Joey, Madison, and Jen

All of the cousins!

Stacy & Bob

Kathy & John

Kathy & Madison

Kenny, Tommy, Joey, Simon, Madison, and Jen

Joan & Dan


Allison, Kyle, Simon, and Madison (Lisa was sunning on the beach.)

There was Hershey Park for Simon's birthday (like every year)!

Kasey dove into the stuffed kisses.

KC riding the bumblebees...


Tom and Carlye join us every year.

Carlye, Allison, and Tom

Carlye, Twizzler, Madison, and Allison

Bob and Simon

The Waterpark

Allison was a "Hershey" this year.


More fun!

We packed up and moved this year!
Bye Bye, Hawthorne Court and Hello, Woodside Lane...

Everyone finally has their own room.

We love the trees and privacy...

The side and back.

Basement is almost finished! Come visit!

The weather started to get cool. Before we knew it - the holidays were here!
We were so HAPPY to see our friends and family!!!

Allison, Bradley, Madison, Stacy, Grama, Grampa, and Simon

Grama made a gingerbread house and baked with the kids. We had a GREAT time!
Thanksgiving at Grama Sonia's house.

Bob, Sonia, and Jeff

Kris, Simon, Joey, and Madison

Renee & Kenny

Theo, Allison, and Madison

Joey & Madison

Theo, Simon, Alli, Madi, and KC

Theo & Jeff

Joyce, Bill, Jeff, Alli, and Theo

Joyce, Sonia, and Jane

Whitney & Jillian

Dan & Sonia

Joan, Sonia, and Jane

Bill & Danielle

Mike & Tyler

Christmas came quick!

Santa was very good to the kids!

KC looks fabulous with the earrings and jewelry Santa brought!

It was a white Christmas!

Allison and her penguins in the snowfall.

Allison and Kasey playing in the snow.

Our snow angels!

I wish that I had some pictures from Christmas Day at Mike & Whitney's house. We were so happy to see everyone! It was so much fun!

Its incredible that 2009 is over!
Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, stress-free new year!!!

Hope to see you in 2010!