Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April Showers...

Have put a damper on the start of softball season!

The weather has been so dreary and rainy around here that all practices have been cancelled due to wet field conditions.
So we wait for the sun to dry out the softball fields.
And wait...

Meanwhile, Madison picked up her uniform from her coach.

Madison has graduated to level 5/6 now. The levels are divided by grades. (Level 5/6 is grades 5-6, etc.) She was drafted to Team 53 - The Lady Knights. She has a new coach this year since Bob is still coaching level 3/4 (Allison's grade). Bob coached Madison's team at the 3/4 level for the last 2 years.

Now that Allison is in 3rd grade, Bob will coach her softball team. Allison's team is Team 33 - The Wildcats.

Since Allison is such a peanut, she was too small for the uniforms that were ordered for the girls. The league had to special order a couple uniforms for the smaller players. Hopefully Allison will have hers soon. I will be sure to add Alli's pictures when she gets her uniform.

Opening Day is April 20th!

Fun fun fun!

(Kasey even got in on the action and was trying on batting helmets.)

(Bob says she looks like Dark Helmet!)


  1. Maddy looks great! - too bad she hasn't been able to practice. Hopefully she can get out there soon. Don't you love when the little ones want to be just like big brother or sister...it's so cute!

  2. i really wish we lived closer so that we could see all of this in person, but things like this make us all a little closer.