Monday, May 4, 2009

My Girls

My girls are so much fun!

Madison and Allison playing "basketball".

Allison starring in one of her "webcasts".

Sisters rule! (Even when their clothes are clashing!)

This is why my bed is never made!

Madison likes to "style" Kasey's hair!

As seen on television! Yes - Madison is wearing a Snuggie!


  1. Sure hope Allie doesn't try a Slam Dunk during the 'game' HAHAHA

  2. Love the pictures. I cannot believe how big Madison looks. It's funny how they can fight sometimes but most of the time they can't live without each other. I have that with the boys.

  3. Pictures are GREAT! Girls are growing good! Kasey looks like she got enough energy for 3! Sure miss all of you, hope to see ya soon!!!

  4. I look great! So does Kasey. I like the pic with Kasey in your bed. :)