Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mucho May Continued (Memorial Day)

Memorial Day Weekend 2009 - the official start of the summer season. We enjoyed a beautiful extended weekend down the shore. The kids had a blast - they love Cape May!

Simon loves to boogie board!

Kasey loves the water!

Allison was the only smart one - she wore her wetsuit.

Simon and Dylan after catching some waves.

Allison, Simon, Madison, and our friend Joe digging a huge tunnel in the sand.

Kasey in her bugaboo.
(I never believed these strollers were as fabulous as their price tags made them out to be - until Bob got me one for the shore.) We honestly couldn't live without it down there!

Hey - what is that cute hat doing in that hole???

It's me!!!


Kasey was very busy digging!

Kasey and Anna in the sand.

Isn't it crazy that this was just 6 months ago???

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  1. Love the pictures. Looks like you had a great time. Amazing how big Simon is. He Looks as big as Ryan!