Thursday, November 5, 2009


Madison celebrated her 11th birthday with a slumber party. There was not a quiet moment all weekend! (I am sure our new neighbors despise us!)

Giggling, jumping and dancing...

Getting ready for an awesome game of manhunt!

While KC enjoyed the rest of the cake!!!

Look at those leggers on the Goo...

KC in Juicy Couture...LOL

Madison's cake (#2)...

Madison is really into zebras right now. This was a little gift from the kids.

Everyone always ends up in my trees!

It was a weekend full of fun! (Well for the kids anyway!)


  1. When did that happen. I remember us holding her in our little condo just yesterday. Then again Allison and Justin are 9. Time goes by so fast. It looks like she had a great birthday party.

  2. On the plus side, you don't live in the desert. Just think of they all ended up a cactus!