Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall Birthdays

Allison celebrated her 10th birthday with a few friends.
Madison, Gianna, Simon, KC, Allison, Grace, Katie, Amanda, & Clown Bob

The kids baked a special cake for Bob's birthday!

I couldn't help it - this is such a great picture...

The girls were helping Daddy blow out his birthday candles.
(Notice KC is prepared with fork in hand.)

Madison celebrated her birthday as well with a slumber party.
(However, the 7th grade girls were too cool to pose for pictures.)

Happy Birthday to Grampa Tom, too! The kids would have loved to bake you a special birthday cake! We love you and miss you!

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  1. Happy Birthday t everyone. I know we missed quite a few of your birthdays (in fact all of them fell within the last few months huh). Sounds like some good birthdays all around.