Saturday, November 20, 2010


I was trying to clean out some pictures from my cell phone, and I came across these pictures of Kasey.

This picture was the "after" picture from Kasey's second trip to the ER. Madison was playing with Kasey and lifted her up by pulling on her hands. Well, when Madison pulled - she actually misaligned Kasey's elbow (again).

Since it has happened before, I knew right away from Kasey's face that we had to make a quick trip to the ER. I say "quick" because it literally takes a doctor a nano-second to align everything back up.

She was smiling and happy that she was no longer in pain - and could move her arm again.

Madison did the same thing to Kasey about a year and a half ago. The doctor told everyone then that it is so easy to accidentally cause a lot of unnecessary pain to a toddler.
Poor Madison felt so bad!

After four children - KC is the only one who has ended up at the ER for nurse maid's elbow - twice.

Then there was this picture in my phone - Kasey getting a haircut.
Its actually somewhat comical since she doesn't have much hair.

These are always the best pictures though...

KC is so intense and busy all of the time - that when she gets tired, she just stops and drops. KC will plop down and fall asleep - in any position.

I wish I had that luxury!

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