Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Field Hockey 2010

This year Madison made the J.P. Case Field Hockey Team.

The season was so much fun!

Here is #8 Madison in action!

Its very difficult to get good shots during the game.

Madison about to take a great shot - and score a goal!

Meanwhile - Kasey finds a way of entertaining herself during the field hockey games. Can you guess what her favorite thing to do is? The mud on these fields is that lovely clay stuff - that NEVER comes out in the washer. Check out the face she is making - she is mad that I slowed her down and plucked her out of the mud!
Where are her shoes?
This child removes her shoes whenever she can!


  1. Boy that clay is hard to get out. That is all we have down here. Thats great that Madison tries all this stuff. She always seems open for doing anything.

  2. Madiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!